Looking for govt jobs? Below tips help you to prepare for govt jobs

Government sector jobs still the top career option for most of the youth because of job security and fixed tenure but due to lack of jobs in government own sectors the competition is very high India has a growing population with 50% below the age of 30 and most of the youth are looking and preparing for government exams. According to a recent report of India’s population, it is growing almost 1.2 to 1.5% every year & government have limited number of jobs the ratio of candidate and number of vacancies are 1:10K and even more.

So one who really want to fulfill their dreams and want to grab government job need to work on below parameters I hope these tips will help you to prepare for government jobs–

Keep faith in yourself

Confidence is the key if you won’t believe in yourself nobody will believe you there are Lakh of candidates appear in government exams every year and there are few who clear the same this journey was long and you have to believe in yourself if you are afraid of competition the journey will difficult. Stay away from negative peoples even they are you are close with you always dream your goals and work hard to achieve the same.

Your Interest

When we complete our education most of us are confused about the career options. This is the crucial time when we need to decided want we need to do to give some time to yourself and thought what you want to pursue your interest will help you to find the right career option. Suppose you want to become an IAS/IPS officer but your best friend is preparing for banking because he/she is afraid of UPSC civil services competition you should follow your interest at least you didn’t regret later.


If you prepare for any exam your schedule should be consistency irregularity will harm your process suppose one day you read around 6-8 hours in a day but next day due to any reason you didn’t read anything it shows your lack of commitment. Stay consistent if you have a capacity of reading 4 hours in the day try to follow it daily. You should be dedicated to your preparation to get the job dedication will improve your consistency graph.

Strength & Weakness

Every Individual has some strengths & weaknesses to try to take advantage of your strength and work on your weakness. Suppose your strength that you can read at night so try to read and prepare in the night even people suggest you wake up early morning there is no best time for reading follow the time which suits your schedule. Now comes on weaknesses if your handwriting is not good instead of blaming yourself try to practice more or if you afraid of interviews watch mock interviews and practice try to interact with other people don’t ever fake your identity.

Avoid Comparison

Generally, people give up because they think if XYZ person is not able to crack which they think is smart enough or if anyone who clears the exam in their first attempt so they are comparing themselves to others which downgrade your confidence. Always think positive and wait for your time only you know your mistakes and work on them. Don’t compare with yourself with anyone it only makes your path difficult.


First research what is the exam demands you for which you are preparing whether you have the right sources to prepare in today’s time there are mass of material/content are available both online and offline. Do the research and follow the right and authentic sources you can also check topper’s strategy and booklist if you want. Some people make short notes from mass content which is also helpful especially before the last few days of the exam. Keep your content limited otherwise you won’t be able to revise.


Nobody has control over luck if you don’t use shortcuts and word hark luck will work for you and sooner or later you will see results for sure you should only focus on your goals.

I wish you All the best!